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loving all the positive feedback, it really keeps us going. we are putting our lives into this (and breaking our backs) and we hope you can share the magic with us. we’re on shoreditch radio thursday at 8pm where we will talk about our music and a new release next month. pretty excited. will fill you in with more info soon.



Interview for our new Steffaloo remix by somecandytalkin

Shinamo Moki – Shoulda known better Remix

For the second time, we’re happy to have with us london-based electronic trio Shinamo MokiThe guys have just signed with Mush Records (Bibio, Four Tet, Daedelus) and remixed Steffaloo’s last single Shoulda Known Better, premiered here on Some Candy Talkin’.

Plus, a little interview about their forthcoming opening act to Slow Magic andShigeto (here the info), and their last EP “You Couldn’t Be More Distant“.

Hey guys! Let’s start with the good news : you’ve been signed up by Mush Records and made Steffaloo’s  “Shoulda Known Better” remix, which is featured on her latest single. The remix is brilliant and is also a  beautiful reflection of your style of making music. How did you work on it?

Felix: that’s true and thank you.

Auryn: I have a thing for people who are adventurous when it comes to remixing however this remix was made the same way that the previous remixes were; by stripping the song down to its bare bones (vocals) and then gradually re-recording synth lines, guitar and percussions and wrapping them around the original voice sample until you’ve got this sort of muscular, sinewy body on your hands.

How did you get in touch with Mush Records? 

Auryn: By some divine miracle they had found our last single (Go With Me) on their computer in their office. They found our email address and here we are.

Sasha: It was a really big deal for us, considering the other musicians who have had releases through them and so we immediately picked up the offer.

Next Thursday you support Shigeto and Slow Magic. Is it the first time you are supporting such names? Did they ever influenced your music?

SM: It is our first time yes and we’re all looking forward to it. Not directly no but we can see how some people might draw comparisons. Saying that, we do admire the fact that they both incorporate strong live elements into their performances so that’s something I’d say we’re all influenced by.

Sasha: It is the first time we support acts this big, and we are really thrilled about the opportunity. They both incorporate strong live elements in their performance, which we find to be a rare feature in this scene, and we think this really influenced us all in a way to bring the music before a live audience.

Shigeto has Japanese origins while Slow Magic has a strong connection to his own imaginary. Those are also quirks of your personality: why are you so attached to eastern culture? 

SM: It’s probably impossible to define ‘eastern culture’ as a quirk of our personality but growing up in the 90′s subjected us subconsciously to various Japanese media such as cartoons and games and we often pull our ideas from this period as we’re so attached to it. Eastern Asia has a rapidly expanding future, an interestingly rich history and sometimes we’re even inspired by smaller things like chinese folkloric tales. we feel as though all these subjects are ones that we can continue to explore musically and artistically and that’s why you could say that we’re attached.

How do you work on live performances? What do you add in it, compared to studio sessions?

Sasha: The music is partially composed with live instruments while a big part of the sound is produced through editing using music software. From that we derive the live versions of the tracks, substituting  drum machines with pieces of an acoustic drum kit, synth bass lines are either played live on analog machines or on bass guitar, and guitar and effects take up the melody lines.

So let’s do a little recap: you’ve been signed up by Mush Records, made a rmx for Steffaloo’s latest single and you’ll be the opening act before Shigeto and Slow Magic, next 17/07. Now let’s talk about new releases. Are you workin’ on something?

Felix: There are a couple more tracks from this EP that we think would deserve to come out as singles, maybe with the participation of other musicians remixing them; it’s always fun to see how other producers have their personal take on pieces we take for granted.

Sasha: During his stay in China, Auryn produced enough material to make another record, and we are thrilled to see it come out. It moves quite far from ‘You Couldn’t Be More Distant’ and we plan to get it out next spring, if not before during this winter.We are also working on a reprint of the first EP, ‘For You’ to sell at our shows. It’s been remastered and we’re thinking of releasing a small batch on cassette because why the fuck not.

“You couldn’t be more distant”  is the son of experiencing in China & Japan. What was the most important experience in there? 

Auryn: It was actually written before we both left to see China and Japan but it definitely helped me towards writing the future record because when you go somewhere like China, it puts you in a different mentality, far away from your usual working conditions. A typical day for me would be visiting some scenic gardens or getting a train to a new town and then through those experiences I would get inspired to record something in the evening.

You’ve surely got in touch with their musical culture. Is there anything fundamental that merged into it?

Auryn: There aren’t many direct references to the modern day culture but when recording the EP we used a lot of typically traditional musical instruments such as kotos, zithers and bells that I had collected over the years. I’m still very much interested in China’s present musical culture though as there’s a large community of forward thinking electronic musicians there who get little to no attention what so ever which is a real shame.

Let us not forget that you are londoners, just like Four Tet. Having a look at Mush records’ roster, is there an artist you feel close to? 

Felix: Four Tet has been a pretty big influence on our taste in music, and this applies to all of us.

Sasha: Also , Auryn and I are big fans of Daedelus and apparently two thirds of us have almost a degree in common with Bibio?

Auryn: Well Wikipedia says that he studied “Sonic Arts” and so do Sasha and I. That’s as close as we’re going to get I think.

Let’s stay in London, would you suggest us some names to listen to?

AurynFlamingods have been to us a sort of ‘cool uncle’ since we started out gigging last year. They found our music and asked us to do a show with them and it gave us the confidence boost we needed to start doing more shows. They have a new album out soon and to top it off they’re good role models. Other family friends would include people like AdolescentKero Kero Bonito, and uhmmm well we’re not exactly in tune with London’s music scene.   We need to get out more.

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